Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The vagabond traveller

I love Indian Jones, all the movies were great, well if you don't count the Crystal Skull.  Anyway I digress.  On Sunday we visited the local markets and I came across a fantastic stall selling leather goods. Not just leather, but goat leather.  On the stall were some great leather bound note books, something you could imagine Indian Jones sketching and writing in.  I immediately decided I needed one!

The books are beautifully bound with thick paper.  Now I am not sure what I will use it for, it's far too nice to write in.  I did however want to pull out a fountain pen and just write. Not a good idea as I'm told that my hand writing is like a drunken spider crawling across the page.  Instead at the moment the book will be used as a prop for pen photos, and to hold whilst running around the house avoiding cascading boulders and acient booby traps.

Their collection was not limited to books, they had some great bags. Maybe one of these for work?

If you love such great items and can't make Shellharbour market they also have a website to check out.

Just to keep everybody happy, I have no connection with this company, just giving another small company a plug. 

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