Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Dremmel 3000

I love a Dremel!  It is one of the original rotary tools.  I used to own a cheap brand version and was not very impressed by its construction or performance, however that can't be said for the real McCoy.  I was a lucky duck and was given one by my wife recently, just for being a great Hubby!  So with a new toy comes a new review.

This is the Dremel 3000, the latest evolution in the Dremel range and the new model replacing there most popular model the 300.  It comes in several packs, this was the 26 piece pack giving a great box of all the basic accessory bits. 

Looking at the Dremel it looks sturdy, and I have always reckoned the best way to look at quality and durability is at the cord, if that is thick and solid then it is probably a reliable tool.  I was a little sceptical about its size to fit in the hand for ease of use, but it is a comfortable fit and design.  The ON/OFF selector is also the speed control (5000 to 32000RPM) which was an easy single finger operation.

Changing drill bits and accessories is also straight forward and they have come up with a great design to stop you losing the nut wrench.  They call their new system the EZ Twist nose cap, basically you unscrew the nose cap and that is the wrench, no chance of losing that! Press your finger on the blue button to lock the spindle and turn, even I can do it.

So what can it do? I have employed it on a number of tasks, first was to sharpen a few garden tools, plus drill a few holes, no problems there.  The more tapered nose allows for an easy pencil like hold.  One of the bits I had lurking was an engraver, so why not give that a whirl.  I would post a picture of my glass engraving efforts but they were poor, no fault of Mr Dremel, more a clutsy operator.  With a range of carving bits available though I am very interested in trialing it with my wood work (stay tuned).

I really could list all the different attachments but there are too many, just check out your local hardware store to see or just click here.  I am sure I will be adding a few more to my collection.  The tool itself retails around the $100 mark depending on which pack you buy so would make a great fathers day gift.  The four year warranty means you can have piece of mind that it will last.

Overall I haven't found any flaws with mine, it has been up to the job.  It is a little noisy but certainly quieter than other make I have tried.  This model comes in a hard carry case which I am not fan of.  I did prefer the previous models soft bag to hold but that's just me, I already have too many hard plastic cases in the shed.  It is my favourite rotary tool on the market and their continued success means they are doing something right.

If you need more info just check  out the Dremel website.

What tool or gadget do you love in your shed?

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