Tuesday, 3 July 2012


Its not much of a secret that I love to fish. I have loved fishing nearly as long as I have wanted to fly. When I was young Mum used to take me to the local river and bait my hooks and take the fish off, after all who wants to touch a slimey wriggly fish.

As I grew older I was happy to do battle with the fish myself and swapped my mum for my mates. We spent hours on the banks of the lakes in cold wet weather. I had studied and understood British freshwater fish, when I moved to Australia I had to start again. My fishing slowed to halt, I could not catch these strange fish. Perhaps as I was on the other side of the world I needed to turn my hooks upside down to catch upside down fish.

After a bit of a drought the fish came back on the bite. Today they were definitely on the bite. Currently we are staying in beautiful, fantastic Lake Conjola about three hours south of Sydney. I love coming here with the kids, it is peaceful and tranquil (well apart from the kids). Today we found a nice spot to wet a line, and the kids were very excited. The action was slow at first but with a bit of berley we managed to school up some fish. Amelia was the first to strike with a great LeatherJack, this we kissed and sent back.

Then my wife was in. She likes to fish, but like a young me, won't touch the fish. This is sometimes a problem, as I seem to be constantly un-hooking her fish, re tying hooks and re-baiting the kids hooks. It can hamper my fishing time but I love it, especially when I see everybody else is having fun. During today's trip we were joined by Mr (or Mrs) Pelican. He was very keen on watching us and chasing what we had on the hook. It was exciting trying to get the fish past a diving beak, not sure what we would have done if he had grabbed one and the hook.

We kept a few fish for dinner, threw a lot back and Mr Pelican grabbed a couple I was trying to return. At the end of the day we packed up our gear and went back to the cabin where we fished the day in the best way, wine and dip.

Do you have a great fishing story?

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