Sunday, 1 July 2012


It has been ages since I have stood before my lathe.  Well at the moment I can't even see my wood lathe.  I think it is buried under a pile of drop sheets, old newspapers, chunks of redgum and assorted toys waiting to be fixed.  When ever I clean up the workshop I always have plans on keeping it tidy...those plans don't last long.  I had planned to blog on making a few pens but time and the abyss in the workshop have prevented that.  So instead tonight I shall just put up a few pictures and dream.

This is my work pen.  It's a longwood click using a blue and black acrylic.  I love Longwood Clicks, they have the best click mechanism I have found so far.

This one is a Banksia Nut Sierra.  I turned the banksia nut down and filled the voids with coffee grounds and a little gold glitter.  It took ages to make with lots of filling, sanding and repeat.  It will always be one of my favourites.

Next is a Blue Cigar.  I just love the colour of this acrylic, reminds me of tropical oceans.  Cigar pens are great and after a few bad experiences with some cheap kits I have found a reliable supply and found the love for them again.

I love wood.  Acrylics come it great colours and are much more popular with females but wood says elegance.  This is a Polaris made from Red Mallee, a great wood and looks better in the hand than in the picture.

The final pen I have chosen is my first attempt at a Celtic Knot.  I made it for a pen swap on the International Pen Turners website.  I did a lot of reading on how to do this and was so pleased with the result.  It was a shame I had to give it away as I have not had as much luck with attempt since (I will try it again soon, sounds like a plan for a blog post!)

I have heap more pens to show at some stage when I have failed miserably in making something new.

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