Saturday, 30 June 2012

I hate to paint

The title says it all.  We are currently getting our house ready to sell.  There has been a lot of tidying and decluttering going on.  This weeks job was painting.

My wife thinks painting is easy.  She grabs a roller, finds a big wall and off she goes, infact she enjoys it.  I have less of a rosey view.  It is all the tedious jobs that I hate.  There is washing down the walls, filling holes and sanding.  The placing of drop sheets and taping up of switches and windows.  Once this done then the painting can be done.  First cutting in the edges, painting around the windows and plugs ready for the fast action roller.  These are the jobs that take hours and by the time they are done I really can't be bothered. 

Now the next part I hate is here, cleaning up.  Yes, I am now left with paint brushes, rollers, pots that need to be cleaned, dried and packed up again.  Drop sheets folded and floor cleaned.  Luckily this time there were no ceilings involved and so there was minimal cleaning up of me required.

But after all is done, all the painful task and boring jobs comes the best part.  Now I can sit back, relax, admire the result (and some fantastic rolling) and listen to the sound of a beer opening and the taste of the cold refreshing hops.

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