Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Going Soft

No this is not an article about little blue pills, or the rumour going around that they are required (well I presume there is a rumour from the emails I get, and to clear it up all is fine in that department).

 No, I was dropping off little man to school today and thinking, its too cold for this (and soon to be wet).  Then it suddenly hit me, after nearly twenty years in Australia I have gone soft.  Cold was never something that bothered me growing up in London.  I mean we regularly went to school when temps struggled to make high single digit figures (even in the snow-mums choice, not mine).  We went to watch football (real football, round ball and no prima donna's of the Premier League) when the temperature was hovering just above zero, and usually raining.  In fact the chance of snow and rain just added to the adventure of a football game, certainly it encouraged you to put on your boots and head down the park for a kick around.

So why now when it is hovering in low double digits am I complaining of the cold, and thinking that the next ice-age has arrived.  I know if you live in Melbourne anything under 20 degrees means you need a scarf and an Arctic survival suit' but here, South of Sydney, folks are more hardy.  There were no big jackets requiring a planning permit in the play ground.  A few fool hardy souls were even in footy shorts, me I was travelling light too.  Perhaps it is the fact that I was fifteen and my memory has faded.  Perhaps we did wear enough clothes to make us look like the Michelin Man (double socks was often the go).

 When did I change?  What temperature do I now need to head for the thermal undies and hot water bottle under my top?  I'm sure perhaps its just an age thing, but perhaps too many warm summers and mild winters has turned me soft.  Certainly if football training were on tonight I would be strapping into an immersion suit with a high vis coat so they could easily  find my frozen body in the newly formed Australian tundra.

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