Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Pliers, phones, and missing body parts

It's been a strange, strange, bang your head against a wall kind of day.  I wasn't going to blog today but here I am.  This is not part two of learn to fly, this is vent, a rant.  Hang around my blog long enough, and I'm sure there will be more.

Firstly I had to remove a strip of metal from my car. Easy job, two minutes, done, happy.  Jump in the car of we go, drive, drive, drive, swerve, clunk! "whats that?" "no idea".  Drive, drive, drive, bump, clunk! "whats that noise Hun?' "no idea".  Park car at shops, lock and walk off, quick glance over shoulder, D'oh!!!!  Yes I discovered the clunk.  In my joyous and smug mood of the easy car fix, i had missed one tiny detail.  In a true miracle the pliers I had used, and subsequently left on the roof of the car, after 40 minutes of driving were still there.  I believe this must be due to the amazing grip of the rubber coated handles.  However my wife believesthat it has something to door with her smooth and faultless driving.  I will let you decide.

Reeling from this shock start to the day it was time to shop.  Now there is a little stand in our shops that sells mobile phones.  Many moons ago, well a bit over a year and a half I asked them to put my name down for an i-phone.  They were out of stock and would it would be available in three months.  I wanted a phone now, so went else where.  Today I decided to ask how much longer the wait would be.  The clerk quickly accessed the computer and said there was no record of my order.  This leaves me to wonder, are some people so lazy as to not do their job, but that desperate to look like they are that they would fake type my details.  It seems to me if you are going to go to the trouble of pushing keys you may as well press the correct ones.  Perhaps it just me?

Finally the car service.  I hate getting the car serviced.  I had that gut feeling it would be bad, but no, it had to be done.  There were a few glitches needed fixing, some of them they had looked at before.  The phone rings and the jury have made their verdict, get ready to sell a kidney.  I know parts are expensive, i know labour is expensive, but for the cost quoted these parts must have been made by rare pygmies out of gold and jewels.  What snarks me is the problem they said needed me to get ready to shed body parts, is something they had previously ruled out last time I said the car was clunking (and no it was not pliers).

Normal services back next time.

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